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Please meet Marin, she is a very sweet blue French Bulldog baby that was born to Pancake and Narciso. She is the first baby to be born at Syn City that has a cleft lip. As breeders we try our best to prevent these types of things from happening, but as I always say ” We can’t guarantee genetic”. So, moving forward with this sweet girl I will be getting up every night every 3 hours and throughout the day tube feeding her to make sure she gets the vital nutrients needed to thrive. Due to only having a Cleft Lip and not a Cleft palate as well, she should eventually be able to eat and drink like her siblings. I am finding that she is able to nurse and get some milk from her mom. I have found that when I weigh her before feeding she has gained all on her own! That is partly due to the fact that Pancake has a ton of milk at the milk bar and she does not need to work to hard to get some. I’m excited to watch this girl grow and I hope you will check back in to see how she is doing.