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French Bulldogs make fantastic family pets; they are loyal, smart, attentive to their owners, and are an overall great companion. Keep in mind they are still Bulldogs and can be stubborn and tenacious. We do recommend that they are taken through puppy classes to help with socialization and training. They are highly food motivated, which helps, haha. They do like to chew, especially as puppies, so making sure your baby has access to proper chew toys is essential, or they will find other things to eat. They have minimal exercise needs, but we recommend short daily walks to help your baby burn some energy. They love to be with their family and are very social. They have an amusing personality that will keep you laughing all day long at their antics. I always say, ” Frenchies are like Lays Potato chips, you can never have just one.” Once you have one of the comedians in your home, you will wonder what you did before for entertainment!

They are a short-coated dog that does require weekly brushing and once a month baths to help keep shedding to a minimum. 

Our French Bulldog Sires

Our French Bulldog Dams

Alonzo’s Lilac Kisses – Alonzo, is our Lilac fawn male that we co-own with another great local breeder. He is second generation for us and has already produced some amazing babies. Alonzo is a fun loving, guy that loves to play with his ball and roll in the grass.

Talledo, is our newest family member we imported from the US. Talledo, is a Lilac Trindle male that we co-own with another great local breeder. He lives with us full time and is a super happy boy with both size and structure.

Brawny’s Northern PancakePancake, is our White and Black pied female. She is the princess of the group and keeps everyone else in line. She has a great personality and temperament that she passes to her babies.

PW Picking Pickled Peppers – Pickles, is our brindle female we kept back from a litter a year ago. She is on the smaller side and a complete ham. We love her sunny disposition and are excited to see her babies in the future.

Don’t Go Playing in the Roses – Rosie, is our Fawn Sable female we kept back from a breeding last year. She too is on the smaller side. Rosie is a mellow girl and a social butterfly, gets along with everyone. Excited to see her future babies.

Pyper – Pyper, is our Fawn Blk mask up and coming female. She has size, structure, personality and the temperament we are looking for in our females. Excited for her future, look for her babies late 2020, early 2021!