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Syn City has been breeding boxers since 2010. We are proud of our program and have been working hard to produce the best full European boxers in North America. 

Boxers are high energy, food motivated, family loving, protective breed that is also one of the funniest breeds out there. They are often referred to as the “clowns” of the dog world. The babies need an active home that has the time to give them for walking, training and proper socialization to help them become the best possible family member they can be. If they do not get the exercise they need, they can become destructive to your home and property. They like to hang with their families, usually on your lap. If you are looking for a dog and not a family member then a boxer is not the breed for you. They have short coats that require small amounts of bathing and brushing to help keep the shedding to a minimum.

We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. All our babies are sold on a spay/neuter contract, with consideration for full rights in some circumstances.

Our Boxer Sires

Our Boxer Dams

Phantom Euros Remmi
– AKA Remmi

Remmi, is our red brindle male that is everything we look for in our boxers. He has bone, structure, amazing temperament and the classic boxer personality. His Mom hails from the Fire Energy Kennel in Europe, while his Dad is from the US, he is of German pedigree.

Carver’s DaVinci Design
– AKA Vinnie

Vinnie is a new addition flashy brindle male we imported from the US. He is from a multi-champion pedigree including the amazing Thor de Borlecan. He has the bone, structure, and temperament that we look for in our males.

Phantoms Made in the Shade
– AKA Ava
Ava, is our very sweet flashy Brindle female. She is a direct daughter of Multi International European Champion Wizard Vin El Bosk, and her Mom is from the Optima Grata kennel out of Europe. Ava, is a very sweet, loving and nurturing girl. A stunning, boxy girl with an A+ temperament.


Syn City’s Nymeria
– AKA Ruby

Ruby, is our classic fawn female that is second generation to our Kennel. She is out of Optima Grata and Del’colle Del’Infinito kennels, and a direct daughter of Multi International European Champion Wizard Vin El Bosk. She is a very sweet, loving and driven girl. She is put together in all the right places. She does have a higher drive and likes to work. Ruby, is of Hungarian, Italian, and German bloodlines.

Please see our Planned Breeding page for upcoming and current boxer litters from our kennel.